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About us

Welcome to Rockabilly Weinkult

We are delighted to welcome you to our  new WEBSHOP and WEBSITE.

Some minor kinks are still being worked out, but orders can be placed at any time and there is of course ample info to help with your decision.

Please note that orders via our ONLINE SHOP can currently only be accepted for delivery to Austria and Germany. If you would like to order from another country, please drop us a line via email and we will get back to you.

We hope you enjoy browsing our pages and are looking forward to hearing from you!
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We are 3rd Generation vintners who learned our craft from scratch and live and breathe it passionately in our vinery.

Embedded in picturesque landscapes in north-western Weinviertel (Lower Austria) close to quaint small town Retz, our vineyard  is located in an Austrian region famous for its longstanding tradition of producing quality wines.

We are honouring and carrying on this tradition by consciously producing authentic wines.

Our hearts do however not beat for viticulture only, but also in the rhythm of rockabilly. Our love for wine combined with our rockabilly lifestyle inspired us to create a new brand in the summer of 2013 - Rockabilly Weinkult. True to our roots, we produce excellent wine with an 'oomph.

New and rustic at the same time is our refurbished village smithy, which we are currently turning into a cultural meeting point for friends and interested visitors. We will gladly tell you about our work and life while enjoying a glass of wine and a hearty 'Jause' (traditional snack). We are looking forward to entertaining hours with all who share our passion for wine and/or rockabilly.

We are expanding our Rockabilly Weinkult range piece by piece with new products and would like to thank all of you who already left enthusiastic feedback. You can keep up to date with our new ventures via Facebook, but we are especially looking forward to welcoming you to personal guided tours of our premises when you are in town.